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نگارش یافته توسط مدير محتواي ايران پژوهان مجموعه: دانشگاه UPM ( دانشگاه پوترا مالزي)( دولتي)
تعداد بازدید: 8727


Address:   Graduate School of Management
Universiti Putra Malaysia
Serdang, Selangor Darul Ehsan 43400
E-Mail: این ایمیل آدرس توسط سیستم ضد اسپم محافظت شده است. شما میباید جاوا اسکریپت خود را فعال نمایید
Web site:


2002/2003 classes begin: Sept. 23, 2002
Jan. 27, 2003
May 26, 2003
Sept. 24, 2003

Year part-time program was founded: 1986

Institution is: Public

Total graduate enrollment 544
Part-time MBA students (on-campus) 169
Part-time MBA students (distance program) n/a
Full-time MBA students 180
Executive MBA students n/a
PhD program students 92
Total undergraduate business school enrollment n/a
Change in part-time MBA class size in past 12 months 69%
Average number of months to complete part-time program 24
Maximum number of months permitted to complete part-time program 30
Part-time program completion rate 95%
School offers a full-time MBA program? Yes

Possible for students to change status from part-time to full-time? Yes

  At what point?
After the first semester


Female students in class 49%
International students (1) n/a
Underrepresented minority (2) students n/a
Married students 71%

(1) Students from countries other than the school's home country.

(2) Defined as U.S. citizens who are African American, Hispanic American, and Native American.


GMAT Scores
Average n/a
Range (middle 80%) n/a - n/a

TOEFL Scores*
Average TOEFL score n/a
Minimum TOEFL score required 550

Work Experience
Average (months) 56
Range (months - middle 80%) 12 - 84
New entrants with one year or less work experience 27%
Applicants with one year or less work experience 36%

Student Age (years)
Average 30
Range (middle 80%) 24 - 34

Average salary of entering students $12,000
Range (middle 80%) $9,850 - $14,774

* Paper based equivalent. See TOEFL concordance table for computer-based score equivalents.

Entering students employed in the following fields:
Accounting/Auditing 7%
Advertising/Public Relations 3%
Banking/Mortgage (Investment banking, etc.) 16%
Consulting Services (management consulting, strategic planning, product management, etc.) 9%
Finance/Economics 13%
Government and Policy 16%
Human Resources 6%
Insurance 3%
Marketing 19%


Organizations that send the most participants to the part-time MBA program:
Firm No. of Students
1. Telekom Malaysia 5
2. Universiti Putra Malaysia 5


Application fee (resident): $79
Application fee (non resident): $209

186 people applied to the part-time MBA program in 2002. The school accepted 42% (selectivity) of those applicants, and 42% of admitted applicants (yield) enrolled in the program.

The B-school placed n/a applicant(s) on its wait list, from which n/a ultimately enrolled in the semester for which they applied.

Interviews for applicants are:
In 2002, the B-school interviewed n/a of its part-time MBA applicants, and n/a of its admitted applicants.


Estimated TOTAL (not annual) cost of part-time MBA program (U.S. dollars):
Resident $5,303
Nonresident $8,533

Application Process
Does the part-time program offer rolling admissions? Yes

Deadline(s) to schedule an interview: n/a

Application deadlines (for the next class to be admitted): Aug. 16, 2002
Dec. 15, 2002
Mar. 15, 2003
Aug. 16, 2003


Deadline(s) to apply:   n/a
Part-time MBAs whose education is partially covered by employer   n/a
Part-time MBAs whose education is 100% covered by employer   n/a
Part-time MBAs who received financial aid through the B-school   n/a

Average financial aid package n/a
Range (middle 80%) n/a - n/a

Scholarships are merit or need based?

Number of full-tuition scholarships awarded by school to part-time MBAs during the past 12 months n/a
Does the school offer a guaranteed loan to its part-time MBAs? (1) n/a
  Maximum amount students can borrow n/a
Average outstanding loan for 2002 graduates n/a

Financial aid Web site:                                        n/a

(1) Upon admission, any accepted applicant, regardless of nationality, and without the need of a cosigner, is eligible for a loan


Dean Associate Professor Tn. Hj. Zainal Abidin Kidam
Hired as of June 1, 2001
MBA program director Dr. Jamil Bojei
MBA admissions director Raja Suhaila Raja Mohamed
MBA financial aid director Dzul Hadzman Ahmad
MBA career services director n/a
Alumni relations director n/a

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