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نگارش یافته توسط مدير محتواي ايران پژوهان مجموعه: دانشگاه UTM مالزي ( دولتي)
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Complete listing of all faculties and schools

Faculty of Built Environment

Tel No.: 07-5530600

Fax: 07-5566155

Location: Skudai, Johor
Academic programmes:

Department of Science in Construction

Department of Landscape Architecture

Faculty of Science

Tel No.: 07-553404

Fax: 07-5566162 4

Location: Jalan Semarak, Kuala Lumpur

Department of  Chemistry
Department of Physics
Department of Mathematics
Department of Science & Technical Education.

Faculty of Chemical and Natural Resources Engineering

Tel No.: 07-5535500

Fax: 07-5581463

Location: Johor 

Department of Polymer Engineering and Gas Engineering
Department of Bioprocess Engineering 
Postgraduate programmes (Masters and Doctor of Philosophy) 

Faculty of Civil Engineering

Tel No.: 07-5531500

Fax: 07-5566157

Location: Johor

Departmet of Civil Engineering

Faculty of Computer Science and Information System

Tel No.: 07-5532070

Fax: 07-5565044

Lacation: Johor

Department of Computer Science and Information System

Faculty of Education

Tel No.: 07-5534258

Fax: 07-5560542

Location: Johor

The Faculty of Education offers undergraduate and postgraduate studies in Education

Faculty of Electrical Engineering

Tel No.: 07-5535200

Fax: 07-5566272

Location: Skudai, Johor

Department of Electrical Engineering

Departments focusing on advanced research and instructional courses

Faculty of Geo information Science and Engineering

Tel No.: 07-5530800

Fax: 07-5566163

Location: Johor

Geomatics Engineering and Real Estate education

Geomatics Engineering (Surveying) and Real Estate.

Phd and Masters postgraduate programs in Geomatics Engineering, Real Estate, Asset and Facilities Management, Land Administration & Development, GIS and Remote Sensing

Faculty of Management and Human Resource Development

Tel No.: 07-5531800

Fax: 07-5566911

Location: Johor

The Faculty of Management and Human Resource Development

Department of Management

Department of Human Resource Development

Department of Modern LanguagesBachelor of Management (Technology)

Bachelor of Management (Marketing)

Bachelor of Science (Human Resource Development)

Bachelor of Psychology (Industrial and Organizational Psychology)

Master of Management (Technology)

Master of Science (Human Resource Development)

Ph.D in Management

Faculty of Mechanical Engineering

Tel No.: 07-5534567

Fax: 07-5566159

Location: Johor

The Faculty of Mechanical Engineering (FME)

Faculty of Mechanical Engineering UTM

Faculty of Biomedical Engineering and Health Science *new

Tel No.: 07-5535681

Fax: 07-5535430

The Faculty of Biomedical Engineering & Health Science


Tissue engineering

Medical devices

Bio-signal processing

MEM implantable systems

Physiological modeling and simulation

Monitoring and control

Medical robotics


Electrical & electronics


Computer science

Faculty is committed to produce engineering graduates with industrial leadership capability especially in the medical device industry

Faculty of Bioscience and Bioengineering

Tel No.: 07-5530068

Fax: 07-5531112

Location: Johor

Faculty of Biosciences and Bioengineering
Department of Biology
Faculty of Science
Bachelor of Science

Bachelor of Science (Biology)
MSc in research and taught courses. as well as Ph D's.

Co-curriculum Centre

Tel No.: 07-5532292

Fax: 07 -5532285

Location: Johor

There are around 70 subjects offered which categorised to four modules - Culture and Art, Community & Self Build, Sports & Self Confidence and also Special Programme.

College of Science and Technology

Tel No.: 03-2698635

Fax: 03-26154225

Location: Kuala Lumpur Campus
University’s relocation to Skudai in Johor

Centre for Islamic Studies and Social Development

Tel No.: 07-5535091/07-5535095

Fax: 07-5535101

Location: Johor

The UTM Centre for Islamic Studies and Social Development
Socio-economy and Islamic-centered heritage

International Business School

Tel No.: 03-2695 3317/18/39

Fax: 03-2692 6435

Location: Johor

The International Business School (IBS)
management and economic courses
postgraduate management education
technology management
MBA in Strategic Management
Venture Capital Management
Short courses and consulting services

Business and Advanced Technology Centre

Tel No.: 03-2691 4020

Fax: 03-2691 1294

Location: Kuala Lumpur

Business & Advanced Technology Centre (BATC)
Postgraduate degree and executive development programmes.

School of Graduate Studies

Tel No.: 07-5537777

Fax: 07-5537800

Location: Johor

The School of Graduate Studies (SPS)

School of Professional and Continuing Education

Tel No.: 07-5218120

Fax: 07-5205725

Location: Skudai, Johor

Continuing Education
PSM programmes for Bachelor Degree and Diploma

Centre for Advanced Software Engineering

Tel No.: 03-26154429 / 4743

Fax: 03-26930933

Location: Kuala Lumpur

Software engineering and information security.

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